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Benefits of outdoor play

Here at Elfin House we acknowledge that playing and exploring outside is critical for young children to practice and master their emerging physical skills and learn safely about the world they live in through negotiating and risk taking.

Playing outdoors offers more than just physical benefits, children will have the opportunity to develop and enhance their social and emotional skills which is evident as the children are able to express themselves and learn about the world in their own way.

Play supports children’s developments as they explore, experiment, manipulate, reconfigure, expand, influence, change, discover, practice and push their own limits.

Water park benefits

Children can find water play either calming or invigorating depending on the experience being presented. Playing in water helps to enhance the following skills

Balance and Strength

It takes more muscles to move our body and equipment through water

Communication and Social Skills

As children play they will excitedly communicate their discoveries with everyone around them and also have opportunities to negotiate with each other for space and equipment

Exploration and Learning

Children may have already investigated wood, dirt, sand, rocks, and other dry substances. But what happens when these substances are mixed or sifted into water?

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